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Welcome to HOPE's Peak Academy! The second season of Despair Entertainment is a-go!!

You’re all familiar with the basic rules in RPing—don’t be rude, keep ooc out of the dash, etc. etc.

Let’s skip to the rules for this RP specifically.

  • The titles of SHSL Villain and SHSL Assassin are off-limits.
  • IMPORTANT!! I cannot even begin to stress the importance of activity in this RP. It’s self-explanatory so I won’t bother you with a lecture. Inactivity (less than two posts a week) will result in removal from the story in some way or form.
  • For now, there are only 16 slots. It might increase if there’s popular demand.
  • This blog will be acting as the mastermind behind this whole incident once the RP gets up and runs.
  • This isn’t the game you know. Of course! It’s still students mutually killing each other, but there are twists to the classic formula that will be announced once everything is up. BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING; THINK ABOUT THIS BEFORE YOU APPLY.
  • Did you die!? Don’t worry! You can still play around as a ghost. Your character will be limited in various ways, however.
  • School trials will be held on a date discussed by the admin and the culprit-mun.
  • Murders will be chosen through submission at a given time. If you would like to be a murderer, then please do contact me and we shall discuss this. Include your victim and a description of your prospective murder, and one shall be picked in the case of many submissions.
  • The victim will be contacted, of course!
  • No spoilers! If you’ve been given a role, it would be very nice if you don’t spoil anything to anyone! What exactly is a spoiler is something you can tell yourself, I hope!
  • #drnbutts is our ooc tag.
  • Admin reserves the right to make additional rules.
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