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Welcome to HOPE's Peak Academy! The second season of Despair Entertainment is a-go!!

Perhaps you’ve dreamt of being here someday, or perhaps you don’t actually care. Either way, you now find yourself standing before the gates of what is undeniably the most hope-filled school in history!

Prepare for a vivid rose-colored—no, a RAINBOW-colored high school life!

Hope’s Peak Academy!


Oh, but it won’t be all that good. Of course not. Something’s bound to happen. Despair will run rampant. You know how it is. You’re a fan, aren’t you!? Otherwise, you wouldn’t even be here!

But don’t worry! You are not in the wrong place. This is the best place for you to ever be! I will give you DESPAIR like no other, so don’t worry!

Welcome to Hope’s Peak Academy—HOPE?

Forget that!

Welcome to DESPAIR’S PEAK ACADEMY, bastards!!

The second season of Despair Entertainment is starting!!

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