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Welcome to HOPE's Peak Academy! The second season of Despair Entertainment is a-go!!

Perhaps you’ve dreamt of being here someday, or perhaps you don’t actually care. Either way, you now find yourself standing before the gates of what is undeniably the most hope-filled school in history!

Prepare for a vivid rose-colored—no, a RAINBOW-colored high school life!

Hope’s Peak Academy!

Rules | Premise | Applications

Hello! This is a Dangan Ronpa-themed roleplay for original characters only. We’ll be accepting applications (and title reserves) now!

This isn’t the game you know—not exactly. Of course! It’s still students mutually killing each other, but there are twists to the classic formula that will be announced once everything is up. Please be prepared for anything.

We hope to see you soon, and hope for you to graduate with flying grades from a colorful high school life.

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